lose a cannabis high

There are plenty of reason why a person may want to lose a cannabis high in a hurry. Someone who has just toked up, for instance, may suffer from a feeling of uneasiness or paranoia. Additionally, they may have forgotten about a prior obligation, such as an extra work shift, job interview, or a meeting with the in-laws.

Fortunately, there are also plenty of ways to reverse the effects of your unwanted high. It might not be easy, and you still might be feeling a bit of a THC-induced mind state, but you’ll definitely be better off than before. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can lose a cannabis high.

What Are Different Ways to Lose a Cannabis High?


Sometimes, getting high on an empty stomach can cause you to get a bit anxious—especially if you’re smoking a strong Sativa strain. Luckily the munchies usually come naturally, which causes a person to offset some of the intensity of a high. The science behind this is still somewhat murky. The common belief, however, is that fatty foods bind with the cannabinoids, thus making it metabolize faster. While the jury is still out on that department, it’s pretty obvious that eating can make you lose a bit of your high—in a good way.

Drink Lots of Water

This one sort of goes hand-in-hand with the whole “eating” thing. Hydrating yourself during an intense high can help offset some of the psychoactive tendencies of THC; not to mention help cure some of the dry mouth you might be simultaneously freaking out about. So if you find yourself a little too stoned, grab a nice cold beverage (preferably, non-caffeinated), and try to replenish some of those electrolytes.

Sleep it Off

Consider sleeping off your high, if time permits. Like anything, sleeping can be a viable cure for losing your high. Moreover, all you really need is about thirty minutes of rest. Obviously, if you have somewhere to go in ten minutes, this isn’t ideal, but if you have the time on your hands, use it for a little catnap.

Take a Shower

Personally, my ideal routine to lose, or at least, lessen my high, is combining the first four tricks on this list—eating, drinking tons of fluids, sleeping, and then taking a shower. Obviously, it’s not always practical to do all four, but the combination is nearly flawless.

Of the four, however, taking a shower might be the most time-efficient and effective. While I like to take a nice hot shower for some clarity, cold showers are known for their ability to offset some of the psychoactive tendencies of a high. Cold water triggers what is commonly known as the “mammalian diving reflex.”  This instantly decreases your heart rate and in turn, lowers your body temperature, preserves excess oxygen, and conserves energy. This can also be done through simply splashing cold water on your face.

But if you’re more of a bath person, that’s fine too! Take a hot bath, and maybe splash some cold water on your face afterwards—whatever helps you relax the most.

Sweat it Out

Again, this is all dependent on time, but sweating out your high is a highly effective (no pun intended) way to sober up quickly. Basically, when you’re exercising, your body releases endorphins in your brain. When endorphins are released, your stress levels decrease. This is also the case when you’re freaking out from being too high. Just exercise, release some of those endorphins, and all of your troubles will essentially melt away.

Listen to Music

Listening to music won’t necessarily help you lose a cannabis high, but at the very least, it can help you calm down if you’re feeling anxious or paranoid. At the very least, music has some therapeutic effects on the mind and can help you obtain some overall clarity. Again, it’s not going to help you lose your high, but it can make it that much better.

Alternatively, if the music isn’t helping, maybe try to do something that interests you. Examples include watching your favorite TV show or movie, or playing your favorite video game. This can help you from getting inside your own head too much.

Take Some CBD!

Our final solution would be a practice that is relatively new—utilizing the power of Cannabidiol (CBD).

Typically, if you’re feeling too stoned, it’s because you had a high-THC strain. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, while CBD is the component with the relaxing, therapeutic effects. So if you’re freaking out a bit, you might want to take some CBD to offset some of the effects of THC. It should even you out a bit.