Casino Strategy: Understanding Inside Bets In Roulette

Casino Strategy: Understanding Inside Bets In Roulette

Roulette tables are divided into two different betting areas: the inside and outside. The outside offer less risk: that’s where you find the red/black, odd/even and column bets. These bets are also the ones that pay you the least.

However, when it comes to inside bets, well, that’s where Roulette gets interesting. Let’s discuss the bets that you can place on the inside of the table:

Straight Up Bet

You place a wager on a single number on the board. If that number comes up, you get a payout of 35:1. This is the least likely bet to pay out, so it’s the largest single payout you’ll see on the board.


Split Bet

A Split Bet is made when you place your chip on two adjacent numbers at the same time. For example, if you placed your chip on the line on the line between 7 and 8, then both numbers are covered with that bet. The payout on a Split Bet is 17:1. You can also make a Zero Double Zero bet by placing a Split bet on the line separating those two spots on the board.


Street Bet/Row Bet

Place your chip on the outside border of a horizontal row of three numbers on the border. For example, if want to bet on 10/11/12, you can place your chip on the outer border of the 10 or the 12, and all three numbers are covered. The payout for this bet is 11:1.


Double Street/Double Row Bet

This is a wager on six numbers and pays out 5:1. If you want to bet on six numbers at the same time, such as 10/11/12/13/14/15, then you place your chip where the outer border and the line that divides the two rows meet, either where the 10 and 13 or the 12 and 16 abut one another.


Quad Bet/Corner Bet

This bet covers four numbers at the same time and is placed when you put the chip on the spot where four adjacent numbers meet. This could be where 15/16/18/19 all meet, for instance. The payout for this is 8:1.


Basket Bet

This is a little-known bet among Roulette players and since it offers the biggest house edge, you probably shouldn’t bother with it either. That said, if you want to bet on 00/1/2/3, then you’ll just place a chip where the 2 and the zeroes meet. The payout for this is only 6:1, even if it covers 5 numbers.