The Lowdown On Payout Percentages

Every slot machine has its own odds for winning. Once you add up the odds for each possible prize, you get the machine’s payout percentage, also known as its return to player (RTP). In general, slots are programmed with payout percentages between 82% and 98%.… Read more

Debunking Myths About Slot Machines

Over the ages, slots have collected their share of myths and misconceptions, which we’ll be debunking here up in short order. Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy theorists and slots detractors alike like to claim that slot machines are fixed. You couldn’t get any further from the truth. Slot machines run… Read more

Myths about slot machines

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Slot machines and progressive jackpot

Slot machines and progressive jackpot Ever since 1986, when the International Game Technology (IGT) company introduced its innovative Megabucks concept, slot machine players have chased the elusive progressive jackpot. When the Megabucks wide area progressive network was launched, it connected IGT machines located in Las… Read more

How to play slots-Experts

How to play slots-Experts A progressive jackpot is rarely won and only a few are lucky enough to receive such a prize. But what about the other wins? As a rule of thumb, the lower the amount, the more likely it is that you’ll win… Read more

How to play slots-Intermediate

How to play slots-Intermediate Slots are not like other games in the sense that you can develop strategies and base your moves on the rules of that strategy. Sure, there are slot games where you get to pick things, but the results are based on… Read more

How to play slots-Beginners

How to play slots-Beginners If casino games were motor sports, then slots would be Formula 1, and if casino games were sprinters, then slots would be Usain Bolt. Slots are the most thrilling and fast-paced casino games of them all. Most games at online casinos… Read more

Beginners guide to playing slots

Beginners guide to playing slots There are certain games in an online casino that require strategy and a lot of thinking, and then there are games where you can sit back and enjoy. Slots are in the latter category as they’re the ultimate game of… Read more