The Math Behind Video Poker

The Math Behind Video Poker If you are looking for peace and quiet with your poker, Video Poker is ideal. It’s also ideal because it offers some of your best chances of winning at a casino. But why is the math in your favor with… Read more

How to adjust your budget in Video Poker

Banrkoll size and Risk of Ruin in Video Poker One of the most important aspects of video poker is the ability to manage your bankroll. On one hand, you want to manage your money and make it last just as you would with any other… Read more

Video Poker: The Rules

Video Poker: The Rules Looking for your best odds of winning in an online casino? You’ll want to try your hand at video poker. It has all the fun of regular poker without the distractions of other players or dealers. It’s just you and the… Read more

Video Poker Glossary

Video Poker Glossary Every subculture uses its own slang, and the poker world is no exception, so knowing the lingo can be half the battle for beginners. Sitting at a poker table for the first time can be like crossing into a foreign land. Players… Read more

Blackjack Hand Signals

Blackjack Hand Signals If your only knowledge of the game was gained by watching blackjack scenes from the movies, you’d be forgiven for thinking a strong speaking voice mattered. “Hit me!” “Double it.” “Split ‘em…” These verbal commands to the dealer are prominent features of… Read more

Five Ways to Win in Video Poker

Five Ways to Win in Video Poker A lot of people describe video poker as a fusion between a poker game and a slot machine. You’re still playing the game of poker with all of the same hands and strategies, but you’re on a machine… Read more