Debunking Myths About Slot Machines

Debunking Myths About Slot Machines

Over the ages, slots have collected their share of myths and misconceptions, which we’ll be debunking here up in short order.

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theorists and slots detractors alike like to claim that slot machines are fixed. You couldn’t get any further from the truth. Slot machines run on a random number generator, which also means that patterns are generated randomly. No one, not even the people that design the programs for online slots, knows exactly when a machine will hit on a winner.  Another myth suggests that a machine will not pay out when you win one time. Ridiculous. You could hit one time or again on the next spin, and then you might not get a winner for another 100 spins. It’s completely random.

Go Big or Go Home

Some players feel the game wants you to bet more, and that’s the only way to win, which is definitely not the case. Online slot machines don’t care what value you are betting before any given spin; all they know is the random number generator. In fact, players who bet the maximum because they think that’ll get them closer to winning are deluding themselves. Obviously in such cases, a player can win more but it doesn’t change his percentages. Keep yourself out of trouble; you’re better off just betting whatever amount you’re comfortable with.


You’ll hear all sorts of strange myths about online slot machines and after you played a few times, you’ll notice that many of them are straight rubbish. Many players try to overthink the game when, in actuality, online slots don’t really involve too much thinking. No strategies, no nonsense – you simply bet, push and have a stress-free time. There’s no reason why you won’t fall in love with slots just like so many have.