Four Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Craps

Four Mistakes To Avoid While Playing Craps

Craps is a beautiful game, but like some beautiful things, it can be a bit scary at first. There are rules to learn, and lots of different bets you can make. Even the experts get things wrong sometimes. Whether you’re brand-new to Craps, or you’ve been shooting dice for years, here are four mistakes you might be making that can easily be corrected before you hit the tables.


Using Betting Systems

Whether it’s Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, or any other game of chance, don’t fall for the Gambler’s Fallacy. You’re not due to roll a 7 if you haven’t rolled one in a while. Unless you’re good at dice control, the chances on the next roll remain 1-in-6, so keep that in mind when you place each bet.

Not Maximizing the Odds Bet

When you lay or take odds in Craps, you’re making a bet that has zero house edge attached. How often do you get to do that at the casino? Make sure to take full advantage by betting small on the Pass/Come (1.41% house edge) or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come (1.36%), and loading up on the Odds – within your bankroll, of course.


Placing Too Much Money on Single-Roll Bets

At the other end of the spectrum, there are some bets you can make that have a big house edge attached. Most of these are single-roll bets like Hi-Lo (2 or 12), with an 11.11% house edge, or Any 7 at a hefty 16.67%. You can make any bet you like in Craps – it’s for your entertainment, after all. But consider betting the smallest amounts when the house edge is at its peak.


Jinxing the Other Players

This is for all the live Craps players out there. Even if you’re not trying to bother anyone, saying or doing unlucky things at the table will make you very unpopular. Never say anything while a player is shooting; if you want to cheer someone on, wait until the dice have hit the table. Don’t place any more bets after the shooter has been handed the dice. And don’t talk about luck in any way, shape or form. People are superstitious that way.