Jogar Jacks or Beter 1 Hand on Bodog Casino

Game Review: Jacks or Better 1 Hand

Video poker has been a smash hit ever since it debuted in the mid-1970s. It’s a simple game with an incredibly small house edge, and sometimes, you can even turn that advantage in your favour. At press time, there are 11 different ways to play video poker at Bodog, including the granddaddy of them all, Jacks or Better. Let’s take a closer look at this game, specifically the 1 Hand version, where you play one poker hand at a time.

Jacks or Better Introduction

As with the other video poker games at Bodog, Jacks or Better is a single-player 5-card draw game, with the player getting to draw once. Place your bet and receive five cards; tap or click on the cards you wish to keep, then hit the Draw button. Once you get your new cards (if any), the hand is over, and you’ll be paid out according to the strength of your hand. You need at least a pair of Jacks to win a prize, which is why the game is called Jacks or Better.

You can see the different payouts available in Jacks or Better by consulting the paytable at the top of the play screen. This game uses the standard 52-card playing deck and poker hand rankings; the best hand you can get is a Royal Flush, Ace through Ten of the same suit. The prizes go up as you bet bigger, with a top prize of 4,000 coins when you place the maximum 5-coin bet. That coin can be as low as 5 cents or as high as $5.

Betting the Max at Video Poker

If you look closely at the paytable, you’ll see that the 4,000-coin jackpot is disproportionately large. Getting dealt a Royal will earn you 250 coins on a 1-coin bet, 500 coins on a 2-coin bet, and so on. But you get a lot more than 1,250 coins when you bet the max. It’s a special prize for making such a big hand. It’s also why you should always bet 5 coins when you play video poker.

Thanks to the magic of computers, people have figured out how to play Jacks or Better optimally, which will give you a long-term return of 99.54% on your bets. The optimal strategy is a bit complicated, but you can also find simpler near-optimal strategies that reduce the house edge almost as much. These strategies are available online; learn and practice them to get the most value out of your Jacks or Better video poker experience.


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