Participe nos Torneios Turbo de Poker

Get in the Fast Lane with Turbo Tournaments

Tournament poker is about the best thing ever created, but there’s one tiny problem: You have to be on schedule. These tournaments can take hours to finish, even days if you’re in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. But if you’re short on time, there’s a solution: Turbos. The blinds go up more quickly when you play Turbos than they do in standard tournaments, every 3-6 minutes instead of 10 or more. You can also play Super-Turbos and Hyper-Turbos with even shorter blind levels. What used to take hours now takes a fraction of the time.

Bodog Poker brings you a daily featured menu of eight tasty Turbos with guaranteed prize pools of up to $10,000. The action starts at 2:30 PM ET and runs all the way through the evening; you can buy in directly for as little as $2.20. The biggest Turbo on the menu is the $109 Turbo Super Stack at 10 PM, where you start off with 5,000 chips – giving you a little more elbow room for the early levels. The $22 Super Knockout Turbo at 9:45 PM is also very popular; this tourney has the shallowest starting stack of the night at 1,500 chips, so get ready to throw those big KO punches as soon as the bell rings.

Brooom Brooom

All the Turbos at Bodog Poker encourage you to play more aggressively than you normally might at a standard tournament. With the blind levels going up so quickly, chances are you’ll be short-stacked in no time even if you don’t lose any chips. It’s all about leverage; once you get down below 40 big blinds, you should think about dropping some of the moves from your repertoire, like 4-betting light preflop or running triple-barrel bluffs postflop. At around 10-15 big blinds, maybe more depending on your style, you’ll be in push-fold territory.

That’s when the knockouts start happening. You get paid every time you eliminate an opponent, so in this particular tournament, you have the incentive to call with weaker hands than usual – and you might want to tighten up your shoving range in response. If you’d like to learn more about the $22 Super Knockout and all the other daily Turbos at Bodog Poker, check out our dedicated Tournaments page, and may the cards be with you.