A sorte está do seu lado, no jogo Best of Luck.

Get That Lucky Feeling With Best of Luck

Do you bring a rabbit’s foot to the casino? What about a four-leaf clover? There are many different lucky charms out there, and you’ll get the entire bowl when you play Best of Luck, another popular online slot machine. All you have to do is come up with three (or sometimes even two) of the same lucky symbol to win a prize.

There are 12 different symbols in Best of Luck, paying out anywhere from two to 10,000 coins. And that’s not including the special multipliers and the bonus games, either. Best of Luck has five reels and 20 different paylines, and you can bet anywhere from one to 10 coins per line; those coins can be pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters, giving you 800 different ways to get lucky.

They’re Magically Delicious

Some lucky charms are luckier than others. The Acorn, Wishbone, Four-Leaf Clover and Rabbit’s Foot have smaller payouts, followed by the Lucky Penny, the Keys, the Horseshoe, and the Ladybug – a very lucky symbol in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. Then you have two very important charms: the Jade Elephant and the Snake-Eye Necklace. You only need two of these symbols to win a prize, but if you get five at once, you win a massive prize.

It gets better. The Lucky Cat (known as maneki-neko in Japan) is the Wild symbol in Best of Luck. Not only does it pay out a 10,000-coin jackpot if you get five in the same spin, the Lucky Cat will also complete winning lines for you. No wonder this cat has been considered a sign of good fortune across Asia since early times.

What’s luckier than a lucky charm? A bag full of lucky charms, of course. The bag of Gems is the Scatter symbol, triggering Free Spins as well as the Bonus Round. The more of these scatter symbols you uncover, the more free spins you receive, with bigger multipliers attached. Then you get to play the bonus games: pick Heads or Tails, choose a lucky Key… each game delivers a big cash prize, and if you trigger the Bonus Round three times during your Free Spins, you get three more spins for good measure.

You can try Best of Luck for free using the Practice Play mode at Bodog Casino. It’s easy, it’s fun, and you can even bring your own lucky rabbit’s foot with you.