Heroes Realm no Bodog

Heroes’ Realm: Less Is More

Online slots sure have changed in recent years. Most of the newer slots from companies like Rival Gaming feature epic themes and advanced graphics – not to mention multiple paylines. It’s pretty rare to find an old-school game with three reels and just the single payline, like the one-armed bandits of yore.

Thankfully, the folks at Rival let you experience the best of both worlds with Heroes’ Realm. This slot has eye-popping graphics and a theme ripped from the pages of Norse mythology, including a special interactive Bonus Round where you do battle against an army of skeleton warriors. But it also keeps things refreshingly simple with only one payline to read. You can wager one, two or three coins, measuring from one cent to $10, with a mighty 2,250-coin jackpot waiting to be won.

Holding Out for a Hero

Fittingly enough, most of the symbols you’ll find in Heroes’ Realm are weapons, along with a Shield and a Magic Potion. The Battle Axe is the highest paying of these symbols; matching three Axes will land the jackpot, but you’ll win a prize just by revealing two of these deadly icons. Even better, all you need is a single Treasure Chest to win – although three Chests at once will triple your prize.
Battle Axes are impressive weapons, but if you’re looking for Free Spins in Heroes’ Realm, the Dagger Swords are your weapon of choice. Matching two of these symbols will trigger a round of 10 Free Spins, while three Dagger Sword icons will deliver 50 Free Spins. These extra spins will help keep you in the game while you’re tracking down the jackpot and the other big line paydays.
Last, but not least, you have the Skeleton Bonus Round. Line up three of the Skull symbols with the glowing red eyes to trigger the Bonus Round; you’ll choose either the Male or Female Warrior, then you’ll be transported to your home village, where you must protect your houses from the skeleton army. Click once on the enemy soldiers as they approach, and kill them off one-by-one before they destroy the village. The more houses you save, the more coins you’ll win, on top of the bounty you’ll receive for each skeleton. This is your realm; this is Heroes’ Realm.


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