Isildur1 on Twitch: Education Poker Broadcast

Isildur1 on Twitch: Education Poker Broadcast


sildur1 on Twitch: Education Poker Broadcast

Twitch is an interesting streaming platform that gamers have been using for over 6 years now, and it is opening doors for potential tutorials and overall fan engagement. For gamers, twitch has become the holy grail of walkthrough or strategy broadcasting for the masses. Meanwhile, broadcasters, who are growing the interest and exposure of the game in question, effectively present themselves as a knowledge point/experts who continue to grow and influence through the development of a following base. Although this process branched out YouTube tutorials, the gaming industry has benefited greatly. With the platform, players can follow in real times, becoming extremely attractive for the harder strategy focused games of the past such as; Civilisation, Age of Empires or, more recently, League of Legends.

In more recent years, we’ve seen a huge push from the gambling community to take advantage of such a platform, where prospective players can learn from acclaimed table game experts. Cross promotional initiatives between casinos and their tournament winners has not become uncommon, and has diversified the promotional ability of online streaming technology, as players can truly engage with a community of knowledge. A simple search for poker on would lead to a plethora of links to educational or competitive poker exhibits of all kinds from traditional five-card to Texas Hold’Em.

Most recent, famous high stakes poker player Viktor “Isildur1” Blom has agreed to live stream on Twitch on May 27, 2017 in order to play multiple tables in front of the masses. The promotion is using a known commodity in Isildur1, who will look to take his play experience to the masses as both a learning initiative and a communal engagement format never before seen within the online poker community. Player engagement will certainly spike, as the Tolkien enthusiast stakes player will seek out affordable tables from NL50 to PL400 in a conscious attempt to increase participation. Who wouldn’t want to play and eventually beat a famous poker player?

Although Blom has demonstrated a far luckier string of events than that of his Gondorian alias since bursting on the scene in 2009, his brand as a poker player, along with the injection of twitch’s online community, creates the perfect storm for a revolution in online table game engagement and learning. As one who honed his craft playing countless rounds with his family, Blom offers players to effectively emulate or alter his strategy. Ultimately, the entire poker community stands to benefit from such initiatives, while also allowing digital platforms to firmly take their place in the space of table game betting. In the end, online poker has taken America by storm, and the game can only continue to evolve with the growth in player consumption and participation. Thus, the digital era of poker has really begun to take shape as online tournaments, tutorials, exhibitions and workshops have spread throughout the entire community and are exposing the game to even the most casual player a far cry from the in house-casino monopoly that existed for much of the 20th century.