Let 'Em Ride no Bodog

Let ‘Em Ride: Modern Look, Progressive Jackpot

Have you seen the sleek new design for the table games at Bodog Casino? You can still play the Classic version of games like Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette, but the new layouts are a smash hit. Now you have your choice of New or Classic Let ‘Em Ride. This poker variant burst on the scene in the mid-1990s; it’s easy to play, the house edge is reasonable, and at press time, there’s a $25,000 progressive jackpot up for grabs.

Table games don’t get much easier than Let ‘Em Ride. If you know the standard poker hand rankings, you can figure out how to play very quickly – use the Practice Play mode for free to get your feet wet. You start by placing your ante bet, then you get dealt three cards face-up and two cards face-down. If you like your hand on the flop, you can match your ante bet, or just see the fourth card (the turn) for free. Then you make the same choice before you see the river card. If you make at least a pair of Tens, you win. Easy-peasy.

The Perfect 10

The prizes in Let ‘Em Ride get bigger when you make bigger hands. A pair of Tens or Better will earn you even money; Two Pair pays out at 2:1, and so on, all the way up to 1000:1 if you make a Royal Flush. Bodog Casino uses the standard paytable for Let ‘Em Ride, creating a baseline house edge of 3.51% when you employ an optimal strategy.

The actual house edge at Bodog can be made even lower if you go for the progressive jackpot. This is a separate side bet that costs $1 to activate, regardless of the stakes you’re playing – your original ante can be for any dollar amount between $1 and $500. Make a Royal to win the full amount, or a Straight Flush to win 10% of the jackpot. You also get a fixed cash prize if you make a Flush ($75), Full House ($100) or Four of a Kind ($500).

The optimal strategy for Let ‘Em Ride is quite simple – certainly easier than Blackjack. You can find it on the internet and try it out; basically, if your hand is at least a certain strength on the flop and/or turn, then you raise. With no opponents and no dealer to worry about, you don’t have to deviate from this optimal strategy at any point. Practice makes perfect, so give Let ‘Em Ride a test drive at Bodog Casino, and you’ll see how easy and fun it is to play for a piece of the big money.