Barcelona Faces Champions League Elimination as Home Favorite

Barcelona Faces Champions League Elimination as Home Favorite

Online Poker on Bodog: Weekly earnings of up to 2 million

Welcome to prime time online poker at Bodog! Grab a seat at one of our many online poker tables and join our daily tournaments for the opportunity to win up to $2 million from our weekly prize pool. With daily tournaments ranging up to 25k in winnings, the possibility of coming out as a big winner is a real possibility at Bodog. We attempt to factor in the busy lives of our players in order to accommodate their schedules and lifestyle through our higher concentrated evening tournaments; where players only have to wait 15-20 minutes on average for the start of a new tournament as of 8 pm (ET). All you need needs to do is to follow our link to download our secure in-house poker software, set up and account, make a deposit, and begin with our low buy-in tournaments.

Poker fans will be able to tailor their playing time to their schedule, with a multitude of daily tournaments starting as early as 2 pm (ET). Once the software is installed, Bodog Poker, which will appear on your desktop as a red “b” icon, will direct you straight to our page in order to set up your new account. After this process, the application will require a deposit to begin playing in the different types of tournaments. Buy-ins as low as 11$ can thus allow even the most passive player to win up to 10k per tournament, which presents a huge upswing in earnings for even the most skeptical player.

Although we do offer a wide variety of start times for our tournaments, we also offer a wide range of Poker styles with which to play. An immediate favorite would be our Turbo Tournaments, which accelerates the rising of the blinds for a faster paced game focused primarily on hand strategy. With little to no time to get a feel for their respective competitors, players that choose Turbo Tournaments are those who are confident in their ability to think quickly and strategically. Furthermore, the fast pace also allows devoted players to play in a multitude of tournaments in the same amount of time a single regular tournament would have taken, thus maximizing potential earnings.

Nightly Tournaments, a very popular and highly competitive string of evening tournaments, is another type of tournament that has caught on with our players due to the potential 25k in earnings. Starting at 8 pm (ET), a new tournament begins approximately every 15 minutes, as a way of accommodating the busy lifestyle of our players.

In the end, our daily tournaments lead to our 100k Guaranteed Sunday Tournament, which begins promptly at 4 pm (ET) each Sunday. Players can choose how they wish to qualify for this tournament, as they could either qualify through in week play, Last Chance Qualifiers, or simply by buying in for $162. Last Chance Qualifiers begin by mid-day on Sunday and continue all the way until 4 pm (ET), allowing even the busiest of players to make time for this extravagant event.

It’s clear to see that any potential player has a serious chance of winning big, and Bodog Poker wants to boost player experience through a diversity of tournament start times and types. In doing so, we provide excellent customer value with the possibilities of big wins down the road.