Over $200K Guaranteed for Mad Easter Monday

Over $200K Guaranteed for Mad Easter Monday

Over $200K Guaranteed for Mad Easter Monday

The sixth annual Black Diamond Poker Open has been a roaring success. Tournament poker is always better during these popular festivals – more players means more fun and bigger cash prizes. The BDPO may be over for another year, but it’s a festival every Monday at Bodog Poker. The Mad Monday schedule features quality tournaments of all shapes and sizes, and this Easter Monday, there’s a guaranteed prize pool of over $200,000.

Just like the BDPO, Mad Mondays will test your poker skills with a variety of games and tournament structures at different buy-in levels. No-limit Hold’em remains the game of choice for most players, so most of the Mad Monday events are NLHE tournaments. But pot-limit Omaha has been making inroads for a while now, and you can get your PLO on Easter Monday. The April 17 schedule includes a $55 Extra Play PLO tournament, with longer levels and a minimum of $8,000 guaranteed.


Hold’em enthusiasts have all the bases covered. There are Mad Monday tournaments with different stack sizes, 6-max and full-ring tables, Turbos, Hyper-Turbos and Knockouts. There’s also a Heads-Up tournament – the purest form of poker – and two separate Main Events: one with a $215 buy-in and $50,000 guaranteed in prize money, and a special $38.50 Mini Main Event with at least $30,000 on the line.

All NLHE players have their strengths and weaknesses, but whatever style of poker you play, there’s something for you on Mad Mondays. Short stacks require a different set of skills to negotiate than deeper stacks; you might be willing to go all-in for 25 big blinds with top pair, but not for 100 big blinds. You might even have to fold a King-high flush if it’s going to risk your 200BB stack. Turbos and Hyper-Turbos also reward aggressive poker, while patience is key in the Extra Play tournaments.

Size Is Everything

Don’t overlook the importance of table size, either. When you’re at a full-ring table, you’d be well-advised to open a very tight range of starting hands from early position. You can open more hands at a 6-max table, and once you get down to two players, your best strategies will involve opening almost all your hands. Some players even skip the “almost” part and open 100% from the small blind.

Aside from the Heads-Up tournaments, you’ll find the most action at the Knockout events. Every player starts with a bounty on his head; if you knock that player out, you win the bounty. That makes it worth your while to call down opponents with a wider range of hands, hoping to bag that extra cash. It also makes bluffing a lot riskier, so you might want to stick with ABC poker and “bet your hand” when you’re playing the Knockouts. Or you could just go hog-wild and try to collect everyone’s bounty. It is Mad Monday, after all.