Scratch and Win With Cavalier Cash

Scratch and Win With Cavalier Cash

There are more than a dozen specialty games available at Bodog Casino, including Bingo, Keno and Sudoko, but you can also indulge in one of the simplest gambles ever invented: scratch-and-win tickets. They’re just like the ones you’ll find at the lottery booth or the grocery store, but you never have to worry about when the store’s open, and you don’t have to worry about your winning tickets expiring, either. You can play these games 24/7 at Bodog; all your prizes will be added instantly to your account.


Cavalier Cash is one of the more popular scratch-and-win games you’ll find at Bodog Casino. Released in 2013 by Rival Gaming, Cavalier Cash takes you back to the days of dashing knights and dragon-slayers. You and your trusty steed will be presented with nine burlap sacks hanging on a dungeon wall. Open the sacks by “scratching” them one at a time with your mouse (or your finger, if you’re on a mobile device or using a touch screen), or just use the Reveal button to show what’s inside all nine sacks. Match any three symbols to win a prize. When you’re done scratching, click the New Card button for more.

Cash Scratch Fever

Using the Reveal button when you play Cavalier Cash will definitely keep things moving more quickly, but you might find it more entertaining if you take it slowly instead and open each sack individually. You can bet anywhere from one penny to $100 with each card, so if you prefer the rush of revealing one card after another instantly, consider lowering your bet size so you can spend the same amount of time playing. You also have the option of changing the speed of the game from slow to medium or back again at your leisure.

Other options with Cavalier Cash include a fullscreen toggle, a sound toggle and a volume control – just in case you find your trusty steed a bit noisy. You’ll find all these controls under the Options menu on the lower-left corner of the game screen. For more information about Cavalier Cash and the other great scratch cards at Bodog Casino, consult the game descriptions, then give them a try for free using the Practice Play mode. We’ll sweep up after you’re done.