ugly tuxedos

You’d think it’s pretty hard to screw up a tuxedo, right? It’s a simple look with just the basic black and white colors, but it’s so classy. While some people have been successful at pulling it off, the following celebrities on this list found ways to ruin it by wearing some truly ugly tuxedos.

Which Celebrities Have Worn The Most Ugly Tuxedos Outfits?

Dumb & Dumber Tuxedo

Lloyd and Harry (played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, respectively) are not the two brightest bulbs in the home. However, their ugly tuxedos from the 1994 hit “Dumb and Dumber” was nothing short of blinding. Their version of dressing up led them to don orange and powder blue tuxedos, both with color-matching puffy shirts, top hats and walking canes. The colours would be fitting if they were dressing up for a Texas Longhorns-North Carolina Tar Heels football game, but not for anything like a $500-a-plate dinner.

Canadian Tuxedo

Oh, Canada. While there are a lot of great things up in the Great White North, the Canadian tuxedo is not one of them. In fairness, it’s not an outfit that you’d wear to anything formal (hopefully). It’s just a denim jacket and jeans, so it’s a very casual type of look – one which maybe you save for Halloween or if someone (for some reason) invites you to an all-denim party. While denim jeans are still in style, the jacket is a big no-no. Denim shirt? Maybe if you’re in the Midwest and you love country. Go for it. Denim jacket and jeans to a formal event, though? Never.

Tuxedo T-Shirt

Remember that time Ryan Gosling wore a tuxedo t-shirt to the Tribeca premiere of “Half Nelson”? It’s hard to believe that the suave and stylish actor would even do such a thing. But he did, wearing a baggy t-shirt that had an imprint on the front of it that looked like a cartoony tuxedo. We’re glad to know that Gosling’s gotten his life together since that forgettable night.

Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard had a banner year in 2017 as he was nominated for a number of television show awards for his role in FOX’s “Empire”. As a result, he earned an invite to the Academy Awards. Apparently, though, he didn’t get the memo about wearing your best, not your worst.

Howard showed up mostly wearing a tuxedo, but instead of the typical black jacket, Howard went bold. While he took a swing for the fences, he ultimately struck out as it looked like he was wearing a silk robe for a coat. He was widely panned for his appearance and for wearing one of the most ugly tuxedos ever seen in public.

George Jefferson

It was a different time, of course, but looking back, a lot of us are wondering what George Jefferson (played by Sherman Hemsley) was thinking. The popular American sitcom, “The Jeffersons”. which ran from 1975 to 1985, was one of the longest-running in TV history. One of the most memorable fashion moments was George Jefferson’s fashion faux-pas sporting one of the most ugly tuxedos imaginable.

Jefferson draped himself in a red plaid jacket, which had clashing black lapels. On the inside, he wore a gold, puffy shirt and a black bow tie. He definitely had better fashion days than this.

Tim Robbins

Many of us try to forget about the 1990’s (in terms of looking back at what we wore) but Tim Robbins at the Oscars has a catalogue of forgettable outfits. There was the velvet dinner jacket in 1996 with the Cosby sweater underneath. So bizarre. But that wasn’t as weird as his dark purple tuxedo in 1995, which had glittery stripes on it. Worse yet, the whole thing was too big on him with the jacket seemingly ending at his knees. At least his date, Susan Sarandon, looked great that night.

Tuxedo With Shorts

At the 2014 Oscar Awards, music producer Pharrell apparently forgot his pants. While the top part of his outfit was the classic tuxedo, the bottom half only went down to his knees. It’s a very odd look as almost no male formalwear cuts off at the knees. That can be annoying on those hot summer days when you’re going for a job interview, but we deal with it.

Pharrell’s look was widely panned and we had hoped that it would be lost and forgotten. However, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers dug it out in the 2018 NBA Finals.

While it wasn’t a tuxedo, you might recall that James – and the rest of the team – wore full-on suits with ties and dress shoes. However the outfit was paired with shorts, not pants. Maybe we’re just not used to seeing that much leg from men yet, but it’s also not something we’re hoping to see more of in the future.