The tie used to be mandatory, whether it was showing up for work or heading to a wedding. It was always the signature item that – yes, you guessed it – tied the outfit together. But is it still important to wear a tie?

As times have changed, the tie has become a bit stuffy for the workplace. And even in formal functions, a blazer, nice shoes and a classy shirt is all that is needed. While the pendulum has swung the other way, ties are not completely gone and forgotten, though. They are still a must-wear item for a few social settings, so here are five situations where you still need to wear a tie.

When Are The Best Times to Wear a Tie?


Not to start things off on a sad note but a funeral would be a time for a tie. When someone close to you has passed away, it’s always a sad and serious experience. This is not an event to show up to looking casual as if you’re ready to party.

Dressing up with a tie shows that you went the extra mile. It takes some effort and coordination beyond just throwing a faded t-shirt on your back. That extra care will not go unnoticed in this case.


Just think about how women treat weddings: they’ll start planning out their dress months in advance, think about makeup and hair, and coordinate a pair of shoes to match for the big day. And that goes for whether they are getting married or not.

Do you want to be the guy that shows up looking more on the casual side of things? No. This is the time to show a bit of fashion sense and bring out the best from your closet. A suit is the way to go but a blazer and nice pants can work for a very casual wedding – especially if it’s in a hot climate. At any rate, you want to have a tie around your neck that coordinates with everything else.

This is one of life’s most formal events, so treat it as such.

Important Religious Ceremonies

There’s no joking around when it comes to religion, which is why at once-in-a-lifetime religious ceremony, such as a baptism or bar mitzvah, you should wear a tie. You want to treat these occasions with respect whether you yourself are religious or not. A nice shirt and a tie should do, rather than a full suit.

Corporate Job Interview

If you to get hired as an executive, you have to play the part. Like it or not, corporate environments with these types of high-end jobs often have stringent dress codes that require suits and ties. If you show up to the interview under-dressed, that could hamper your chances – even if logically speaking, it shouldn’t. To pass the eye test, dress like you already belong. It will show that you have a keen understanding of expectations without them having to tell you.

Networking Events

Similar to corporate job interviews, at networking events, you want to put your best foot forward. You are probably selling something in some way whether it’s yourself, your product or a relationship. That means this is the time to look your best. Save plaid button down for another time. Men in power have always worn ties throughout history and if you’re trying to build bonds, earning the respect of others will definitely help.

Fine Dining

There are different levels of fine dining nowadays but put it this way: if you’re heading out for to a Michelin-starred restaurant or doing a fancy tasting menu, this is the time to wear a tie. Yes, dining is often a casual occasion these days – even with a partner. And yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear whatever you want in most places. However, when you’re out for a special meal, look your sharpest. Show that you’re a person of significance by dressing up full-on with a nice tie to match.