high-tech Christmas gifts

It’s never too late to find perfect high-tech Christmas gifts, or to snag something really cool for a friend or family member. But with so many options out there – and with some tech items becoming obsolete only months after leaving the store shelf – what are the best ones to choose? Whether you’re on the giving or receiving end, this list of high-tech Christmas gifts will leave you and your loved ones more than satisfied with what’s under the tree on Dec. 25. This list of desirable tech items for the holiday season also combines both retro favorites and brand new technologies.

What Are The Best High-Tech Christmas Gifts?

Google Pixel 3

There is no better gift for the cellular photo-phile in your life than the Google Pixel 3. After all, this smartphone boasts the best photography technology of any mobile phone on the market. And there are a wide variety of photo-related bells and whistles, too. Top Shot recommends the best photos for sharing, while Google Lens allows you to point your camera at items to get purchase information, and add events to your Google calendar. Or simply find out what kind of strange-looking tree that is in your neighbor’s back yard. If you’re looking for a high-res camera that doubles as a phone and text box, this is the item for you.

Amazon Echo Plus

Everybody needs someone – or something – to talk to, so why not invest in the Amazon Echo Plus? The second-generation smart speaker improves on just about every feature included in the first-generation iteration. Most notably, it has improved the speaker quality and boosted the microphone capabilities so that your music sounds a whole lot better. And Alexa can hear you over your favorite tunes without you having to shout. The addition of countless new apps and add-ons make the latest version of the Amazon Echo a vast improvement over the old version. It is also one of the best smart speakers out there.

Tile Mate

Have you ever lose your phone or keys? Of course you have! And Tile has created the perfect device to ensure that you never lose your precious items again. Or if you do, you’ll be able to find them much easier. The new Tile Mate delivers all the versatility of the Pro model, only in a much smaller version. Simply download the app, connect a Tile to the items you fear losing the most, follow the instructions on your phone, and voila! Wherever your tagged items are, you’ll have the ability to track them. Tile Mate even offers the option of making your lost phone ring, even when it’s on silent. Technology!

Roomba 980

As far as high-tech Christmas gifts are concerned, a vacuum cleaner would ordinarily make a lousy one. But this, as they say, is no ordinary vacuum cleaner. The Roomba 980 is the clear No. 1 option in automated cleaning devices – and here’s why. For starters, it works with the Roomba app to allow you to customize your cleaning preferences and schedule exactly when you want your Roomba to do its thing. And the Roomba will run for up to two hours before automatically recharging and finishing the job. That’s if it hasn’t done so already. Oh, and it sucks up every scrap of dirt, hair and fiber on nearly any surface.

Marshall Acton Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Everyone has that one electric guitar fan in his or her family or social circle. And that person almost certainly looks at the Marshall brand of amps with a mix of reverence and adulation. Marshall has done something cool to modernize its brand, producing a small wireless Bluetooth speaker that looks exactly like the amps that made it famous. But this is no novelty item; the Marshall speaker works with AirPlay, ChromeCast and Spotify Connect, and it carries 40 watts of speaker power – enabling you to break some windows if you decide to turn it up full-blast. Buy it for the retro logo, but enjoy it for the versatility.

Fitbit Versa Smart Watch

Countless tech fans will be clamoring for the latest Apple Watch. This is for good reason, too, as Apple is consistently at the forefront of smart watch technology. But it’s good for people to consider other options, as well. And while the the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch might not necessarily have all of the features of its main competitor, it’s a terrific gift for the fitness fan. For starters, it boasts an average battery life of more than four days from full to empty. It also allows for the most comprehensive fitness tracking of any smart watch, while also allowing you to send texts, pay bills and track your sleep.