2019 Oscars prop bets

We recently reviewed the updated 2019 Oscars odds following the Golden Globes. Betting on those traditional categories of Best Picture, Actor, Actress, etc. is just too mainstream for some, though. So, we’ve got a few other enticing options — 2019 Oscars prop bets.

Prop bets are more unpredictable, more comical and more an application of psychology than actual knowledge. Therefore, why not spice up your Oscars party by throwing some friendly wagers down on the following bets?

2019 Oscars Prop Bets and Predictions

What will be greater?

Average views on Television Broadcast -10000
Average views on Streaming Broadcast +1400

Kicking off our 2019 Oscars prop bets is whether television or streaming broadcast will prove the more popular. The streaming phenomenon is growing quite rapidly. Nevertheless, television broadcast still has the odds heavily stacked in its favour. The reason why? The official Oscars stream, courtesy of abc.com or the ABC App, which is only available within the United States with a certified American television provider. That means any of the 36+ million residents in Canada that want to watch the Oscars have to do so via actual television. That tips the scales a little too much for our liking.

How many times will “Trump” be mentioned on stage (Live shots only)?

Over 1.5 +150
Under 1.5 +110

Currently we don’t even know who the host will be, following Kevin Hart stepping down from the role amid backlash from past homophobic remarks. It’s therefore hard to know what to expect from an opening monologue. If someone with a history of political opinions happens to take the stage, the OVER would seem even more appealing. Conversely, if someone shows a bit more restraint (or there’s no host/monologue at all), then the UNDER could be in bigger play.

Personally, regardless of the host situation, I find it hard to believe that among all the presenters and recipients, they won’t mention the headline-grabbing POTUS by name at least twice throughout the broadcast. So I’ll put my money on the OVER.

Will Liam Neeson be mentioned by name during the award ceremony?

No -700
Yes +400

Next on our list of 2019 Oscars prop bets is whether Liam Neeson will be mentioned during the award ceremony. There is a catch to this bet; a presenter or recipient only must mention Neeson’s name. Pre or post-ceremony mentions do not count. Neeson has come under fire lately for his unprovoked comments, where he admitted to being so thirsty for revenge (following a friend’s rape), that he was racially profiling any black male (the attacker was allegedly black) looking for a fight. It seems like Neeson was looking to cleanse his conscience. Instead, Neeson’s comments have made many pundits and fans brand him as a racist forever and always.

The odds are presently in favour of the acting community not commenting. However, I’m thinking someone may actually bring up Neeson, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to show support for admitting what he did was wrong. And secondly, for Neeson being able to openly talk about the shame that comes from racist acts/ideas. So with that, I’m betting yes.

Will an Oscar Trophy be dropped during the ceremony?

Yes Even
No -140

I don’t ever recall seeing an Oscar statuette dropped on stage by a presenter or recipient. This is important as that’s what the bet requires. Furthermore, any post ceremony events and parties do not count. Offering even odds also seems like poor value for banking on someone being clumsy in one of the biggest events of the year. So if I was to bet I’d bank on no.

Will any winners be bleeped during their acceptance speech during broadcast?

Yes Even
No -140

The odds again favour everyone avoiding having a potty mouth. However, I think this is a prop where you can bet on the underdog. When you have people winning major awards — in some cases the biggest achievements of their lives — you expect a little emotion. And sometimes, when emotion takes over… you may even let a little celebratory expletive sneak out.

Thankfully, these events are broadcast in a minor tape delay. So, they do have the ability to bleep out any bad words. I’m therefore betting that yes, we will hear that familiar tone on Oscars night.

How long will the ABC official broadcast last?

Under 3:15 -140
Over 3:15 Even

Rounding off our list of 2019 Oscars prop bets is how long the ABC official broadcast will last. In this modern day of glitz, glam and theatrics, things do tend to run longer than they used to. For this bet, which counts from 8PM EST until the last acceptance speech ends, we normally would laugh at 3:15. That’s because all the majority of Oscars telecasts have ran MUCH longer since the mid-1980s. In 2002, for instance, the broadcast lasted an incredible four hour, 22-minutes, while last year’s broadcast lasted three hour, 53-minute broadcast.

That said, last year also had record-lows for ratings and viewership. It has since been rumoured that in an effort to get more people watching again, the runtime may be cut. Will they whittle it down to under 3:15? The oddsmakers say yes, as do I, with one asterisk. If the show goes without a host, I’m definitely betting yes. If they name a host in the coming days, however, I feel that could be enough to tip the clocks and have the show run over. You may be best served to wait and see, then wager this prop bet at the last possible minute.