2019 Razzies Odds

The Oscars take place this weekend, celebrating the best and brightest cinematic performances of the past year. It is also a good time to look at the darker, less celebratory but funny side of the movie awards scene. So let’s take a closer look at this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards, and the 2019 Razzies odds currently being offered.

Commonly known as the Razzies, the Golden Raspberry Awards highlight the absolute worst in movies each year. This film institution was created by American Publicist John J.B. Wilson in 1981. That’s the year in which he stood at a cardboard podium and announced the “winner” of the first award for Worst in Picture — Can’t Stop the Music.

The event grew exponentially in the immediate years following its birth. These days, it features voting from more than 650 journalist, fans and film professionals. Entering it’s 39th year, we’re going to look at the 2019 Razzies nominations, as well as some Razzies betting odds and predictions.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Picture

Gotti +110
Holmes and Watson +175
The Happytime Murders +400
Robin Hood +600
Winchester +1000

Essentially we have a number of classic movie cliches. An over glorification of a mobster/mob life (Gotti), an epitome of going one too many times to the well (Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly in Holmes and Watson), a weird combo of humans and generally-inanimate objects (The Happytime Murders), a straight bad remake (Robin Hood) and a paranormal revision of something actually historical (Winchester).

Each film is therefore quite deserving of this award. However, the level of hatred I’ve seen for Gotti, and the dubious performance by John Travolta, has to take the cake. It’s god-awful acting — and even worse accents — along with a questionable soundtrack. It genuinely isn’t worth the 110 minutes of your time it takes to watch.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Actor

Donald J. Trump (Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9) +150
John Travolta (Gotti) +150
Bruce Willis (Death Wish) +500
Johnny Depp (Sherlock Gnomes) +500
Will Ferrell (Holmes and Watson) +700

It would be to just pin worst actor on one of the most controversial (and headline-grabbing) Heads of State in American history. Nevertheless, I’m opting to avoid the politics in these awards. Ferrell gets a pass because he’s no stranger to bad acting and bad movies, regardless of how many chuckles he gathers. So we’re left with a trio that 15 years ago would have been billed as a bonafide blockbuster. Nowadays, they’re more like straight-to-DVD kind of guys.

While Depp was the voice in an incredibly bland and generic animation gnome movie, Willis appears in yet another vigilante action movie, so we’re almost desensitized to everything it’s lacking (which is, well, everything). So that brings us again to the leading man of the leading worst movie, John Travolta as John Gotti. Every time he speaks with that terribly over-exaggerated Brooklyn accent, it’s hard to believe anyone else this year is more deserving of the Razzie.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Actress

Melissa McCarthy (The Happytime Murders AND Life of the Party) -220
Jennifer Garner (Peppermint) +300
Amanda Seyfried (The Clapper) +600
Amber Heard (London Fields) +800
Helen Mirren (Winchester) +1500

McCarthy is the heavy favourite, for not one but TWO Razzie-level films. But while her brand of comedy is all-too familiar, it doesn’t stand out among this field. Seyfried’s role in The Clapper, as the gas station attendant and center of affection around lead Ed Helms, doesn’t quite garner our nod either. Peppermint may have been a bomb, (but who doesn’t love a classic vigilante revenge film?).

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren will certainly not select Winchester in her all-time memorable films, but fighting vengeful ghosts is a far better scenario than the hand Amber Heard was dealt in London Fields. With the gift of clairvoyance, her character Nicola Six has seen her impending murder coming up, and she knows it comes at the hand of her lover. Unfortunately she has three of them. Even with a solid cast (Billy Bob Thornton, Theo James, Cara Delevingne and Jaimie Alexander), this movie is bad. And Heard’s performance goes right down the drain with it.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Remakes, Rip-off or Sequel

Holmes and Watson +140
Death of a Nation +160
Robin Hood +300
Death Wish +900
The Meg +900

Holmes and Watson is the favourite here. Moreover, the classic Ferrell/Reilly cast and a big-time Christmas Day release initially lured you in to thinking it could actually have been a decent movie. Meanwhile, Death of a Nation is a weak political documentary and Death Wish is a one-of-a-million action movies. The Meg combines the worst of Jaws, Jurassic Park and [insert generic rescue movie title here], but it still doesn’t hold a torch to the disaster that was Robin Hood. It wasn’t funny, it felt too modern with the special effects (for being set in medieval times) and the acting left everything on the stage. Ouch.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Screen Combo

Trump and his Pettiness (Death of a Nation and Fahrenheit 11/9) +130
Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly (Holmes and Watson) +250
Any two actors or puppets (The Happytime Murders) +300
Johnny Depp and his fast-fading career (Sherlock Gnomes) +500
Kelly Preston and John Travolta (+500)

Again, let’s just remove Trump (because of politics), Ferrell/Reilly (because we’re used to it) and I’ll pass on Preston and Travolta, because they were at least trying (kinda). Depp and his nose-diving career is an intriguing bet, but I don’t see any way they can win the award over The Happytime Murders. You know a movie — and the cast — is bad when a nominee isn’t just a certain couple characters, but the entire cast. It’s literally saying “any time there’s characters on screen, it’s the worst.” And I can’t vote against that.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Supporting Actor

John C. Reilly (Holmes and Watson) -150
Jamie Foxx (Robin Hood) +225
Joel McHale (The Happytime Murders) +650
Ludacris (Show Dogs) +650
Justice Smith (Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) +1000

How far has Ludacris fallen? Once a premier rap artist and aspiring actor, he’s now the voice of a police dog going undercover at a dog show to stop an animal smuggling ring. Furthermore, he’s second billing to perpetual C-lister Will Arnett. I don’t care how many times Jamie Foxx mails in a performance like he did in Robin Hood, Luda therefore gets the award for this ‘ruff’ performance.

2019 Razzies Odds for Worst Supporting Actress

Kellyanne Conway (Fahrenheit 11/9) +110
Kelly Preston (Gotti) +150
Melania Trump (Fahrenheit 11/9) +500
Marcia Gay Harden (Fifty Shades Freed) +700
Jaz Sinclair (Slender Man) +1000

Remember when Fifty Shades of Grey (2015) first hit the big screen, and people everywhere went bonkers over it, only to realize it wasn’t very good. In fact, it won Worst Picture, Actor, Actress, Combo and Screenplay. A couple of years layer, Fifty Shades Darker (2017) then won the Razzie for Worst Sequel and Worst Supporting Actress. And now the third installment, Fifty Shades Freed (2018), which is just as bad and again will earn at least one Razzie. Because if nothing else, we like consistency.

Who are your Razzie favourites? Tell us in the comments below!