NBA home-court advantage

All teams perform better when within the confines of their home arena. However, having a great NBA home-court advantage is more decisive to success in the professional basketball league than in any other major North American sport. Nonetheless, not all home courts are made equal. So which NBA teams actually get the biggest boost from playing at home?

We looked at the statistics from the past five NBA seasons to find out which teams are just a little tougher to visit than the rest. This includes examining home winning percentage, the percentage of total wins coming at home and average home scoring margin.

Oh, and we also omitted the Golden State Warriors from this list. Why? Because their team is so stacked they could win on the Moon.

Which Teams Have the Biggest NBA Home-Court Advantage?

San Antonio Spurs
AT&T Center

Yes, the Spurs have been one of the league’s most consistent franchises for the past 20 years. And yes, they’ve had an incredible roster nucleus and arguably the league’s best coach in Gregg Popovich. But while the Spurs are a difficult opponent at any time, they’re particularly difficult to face in San Antonio.

Spurs have been in the top five of home winning percentages each of the past five NBA seasons. During that span, they have recorded the second-highest home winning percentage overall, and the second-highest average scoring margin at home. This amounts to a + 9.2-points average across 205 home games, while also finishing in the top five in each individual season.

San Antonio hasn’t only enjoyed a consistent NBA home-court advantage, but has also been consistently dominant overall.

Toronto Raptors
Scotiabank Arena

The Raptors don’t just represent a city; they represent an entire country. With both the teams and it’s rabid fanbase embodying the ‘We The North’ moniker, the Raptors also get a boost from their official ambassador and high-profile superfan, hip-hop megastar Drake.

Besides the fans, the Raptors have been a model of home consistency, and enjoy an enviable NBA home-court advantage record. In the past five seasons they have never won fewer than 63 percent of their home contests in a given season. This is something that only three other teams can claim. Furthermore, their 71.7 percent five season home winning percentage is good for fifth among all NBA teams over that span.

What’s even scarier for the rest of the league is the Raptors seem to be getting even stronger at home; last season they posted a ridiculous 82.9 percent home winning percentage, tied for best in the NBA, and lead the league with a + 9.5-points average home scoring margin.

Portland Trail Blazers
Moda Center

While the Blazers haven’t put up incredibly gaudy win-loss totals in the grinding Western Conference, they have been one of those teams that you can rely on to deliver 44-50 wins every season. This is in part due to their enjoying a big NBA home-court advantage.

Portland has been in the top 10 for home winning percentage in four of the past five seasons, winning 70.2 percent of their home games overall during that stretch. They’ve consistently put up positive home scoring margin numbers (+ 5.1 points over the past five years), and are one of just six NBA clubs to have at least 60 percent of their total wins the past five seasons come from home contests.

The Blazers are also one of just two teams over the past five seasons to have at least 60 percent of their total wins recorded at home. Their current record is a home winning percentage of at least 68 percent. And the other club?

Indiana Pacers
Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Yes, the pesky, pesky Indiana Pacers currently sit second in the NBA over the past five seasons. Moreover, 61.1 percent of their total wins come from home games, while also posting a 68.2 home winning percentage. This makes them one of just nine clubs to have a mark above 68 percent.

Indiana also posted a + 4.7-point average home scoring margin over the past five seasons. Furthermore, they only saw their home winning percentage dip below 63 percent just once in the past five seasons. This level of consistent strong home performances prove they get a real jolt from playing in front of the Indianapolis crowd.