most prestigious casinos in Europe

We took the time to review the most prestigious casinos in Europe. There can be nothing more thrilling than placing a big bet on the floor of a casino. The bright lights, the endless ringing sounds from the machines and the buzz from the crowds that surrounds the tables makes it a unique experience.

If you have the luxury of attending one of the best casinos in the world, the experience can be taken to another level entirely.

What are the 10 Most Prestigious Casinos in Europe?

Monte Carlo Casino

Location: Monaco

The most popular land-based casino in the world is the Casino de Monte Carlo. Operating since 1863, it’s also among the oldest casinos in the world. The Casino de Monte Carlo offers a wide range of games. The Casino de Monte Carlo’s sprawling complex also includes an opera house and the office of Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. It has also been featured in blockbuster movies like “GoldenEye” and “Ocean’s Twelve”. The legendary casino represents the absolute most elite casino experience in all of Europe. Possibly, in the entire world. It should be on your list of top gambling destinations.

Casino Baden-Baden

Location: Baden, Germany

The Casino Baden-Baden has earned its place on this list over nearly two centuries of operation. It is located in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany as part of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden complex. Opened in 1838, the casino still operates at full capacity. It is still one of the most prestigious betting venues in all of Europe. The Casino Baden-Baden has played host to a number of significant events including most recently a NATO Summit in 2009.  It also includes a full spa resort, conference center and a massive auditorium. These amenities help put the Casino Baden-Baden among the most prestigious casinos in Europe.

Resorts World Birmingham

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

The largest casino in the United Kingdom is located in Birmingham. The Resorts World Birmingham has been a popular gaming spot since it opened in 2011. The gaming experience is among the best in the world. However, it’s everything else that the Resorts World Birmingham offers that makes this venue such an incredible experience. It has a state-of-the-art entertainment complex that features a hotel, shopping center, movie cinema, spa and several restaurants. This is in addition to the massive gaming operation. The Resorts World Birmingham is the epitome of the modern casino experience. Hence, it is no surprise that so many visitors make the trip from across Europe each year.

St. Moritz Casino

Location: St. Moritz, Switzerland

One of the most unique destinations on this list, the St. Moritz Casino is located in the luxury Alpine village of the same name in the Swiss Alps. Stretching to 1,800 kilometers above sea level, the casino provides its guests with the feeling that they are on top of the world as they gamble. And anyone who knows about St. Moritz knows that it’s the upper crust of luxury.

The picturesque sunsets and glacier landscape make the area one of the most popular destinations for the rich and famous. Despite so many different options to see in the area, the casino remains one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe.

Casino di Campione

Location: Campione d’Italia, Italy

Speaking of a unique experience, the Casino di Campione has entertained visitors in Italy for over a century since it first opened in 1917. Originally intended to be a central hub for the Italian government to gather intelligence from foreign diplomats, the Casino di Campione was transformed in to one of the largest casinos in Europe at over 590,000 square feet. With a vast array of 556 slot and table games spread out over an establishment that stretches nine stories high, the Casino di Campione is a must-see for tourists looking to satisfy their gambling needs in the area.

 The Casino At The Empire

Location: London, England

Located in an old Victorian opera house called The Empire, the Casino at the Empire has become one of the UK’s most impressive and popular gambling establishments. It can be found in the West End of London near Leicester Square. The casino has maintained the highest level of service for its patrons since it first opened in 1884. Open 24 hours and seven days a week, this casino always has tons of players looking to get in on the action. Also known as the Empire Casino, the Casino at the Empire is highly regarded for some of the most renowned poker rooms in all of the UK.

Casino Da Povoa

Location: Varzim, Portugal

Portugal’s first of two entries on this list reaffirms the country’s status as one of the premier European destinations for gamblers looking for the ultimate in class and sophistication. Based in Povoa de Varzim, the Casino da Povoa has offered the highest standard of service to its visitors since the beginning of the 1930’s. It also has a wide range of slot machines and table games, including countless Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat tables. As a result, the Casino da Povoa has earned its reputation as another one of the most prestigious casinos in Europe.

Casino Estoril

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

One of the most majestic outlets for gaming in Europe is in Lisbon, Portugal. While it opened its doors back in 1916, it’s consistently been not only one of Europe’s biggest options, but best as well. The venue is 26,900 square feet with every type of action under the sun. From roulette to blackjack to baccarat and plenty more. There are more than 200 slot machines and over 1000 tables. You’d have to work to be bored at the Casino Estoril.

Casino Sanremo

Location: Sanremo, Italy

Officially titled the Casino Municipale di Sanremo, the Casino Sanremo is the premier gambling destination in the Italian Riviera region in Northern Italy. While the outside of the building looks incredibly unique because of its late 19th and 20th century architecture, the inside has constantly been renovated over the years in order to make sure the gaming experience is as modern as possible. It has a long history of accommodating many different public figures and celebrities dating back to its opening in 1907. The Casino Sanremo is an easy choice for the final spot on this list among the most prestigious casinos in Europe.